Apple is testing a new feature in its iOS 13 beta, iPadOS 13, and macOS Catalina that allows users to log onto iCloud using Face ID and Touch ID. The feature is said to be able to log in more securely using Face ID and Touch ID, making it more secure.

The feature will essentially allow users with compatible devices such as touch-bar MacBook Pro to use Touch ID to log on. Users, however, need iOS 13 on to get started with the latest feature. Touted as a more secure way of signing in, the tool will allow users to sign in to Apple applications and third-party apps. Apple promises that the new tool will help prevent companies from tracking users.

This is undoubtedly a push for Sign in with Apple, which will be reviewed by developers this summer. It undoubtedly simplifies the login process for Apple’s devices and services while still promising better security than the competition. While Face ID and Touch ID are meant for convenience than absolute security, they could reduce the chances of intruders grabbing your login details through keyloggers and similar snooping tools.