The Alto Tajo Natural Park has recovered 1.5 million trees thanks to the application of innovation in science and technology in the reforestation works, through the use of a drone, intelligent seeds of native species and LG technology.

The reforestation work of the Alto Tajo Natural Park has taken place over several months, and more than a year in research and laboratory development on seeds of native species, which have allowed the recovery of 1.5 million trees. The fire in 2012 burnt 1,200 hectares and affected 5,000 residents of the area.

One of the affected municipalities was Alcoroches (Guadalajara), precisely where this Thursday LG Electronics Spain, along with CO2 Revolution and Biotech Recombina, has presented the third and final phase of the reforestation project, which is part of the company’s Smart Green program. The first phase started on March 16.

Seven years ago we were protagonists for something ugly, devastating and negative” as it is a fire. And ” seven years later, we are celebrating that part that burned is a reforestation project – Laura Jiménez, acting mayor of Alcoroches

Reforesting a burned area is a challenge. Especially in the area of ​​the Alto Tajo, wherein seven years nothing has been regenerated naturally, as indicated by the co-founder of CO2 Revolution, Javier Sánchez. Here “the forest has not had memory,” he lamented.

Although the plantation can be done manually, the support of the technology allows to reforest large areas of land at an affordable cost and quickly. In this sense, a drone has been used, in combination with a ‘smartphone’ LG G8S -regarded as LG G8 Smart Green gave its contribution to this jobs-, an LG Gram laptop and smart seeds of pine.

LG Reforestation

To increase germination success, Recombinant Biotech first carried out an analysis of the soil in the area, which allowed selecting the most beneficial microbes, bacteria, and fungi for the soil, which are also beneficial for the development of the plants.

This lab work achieves effectiveness up to 80 percent greater than traditional methods. And it is because the intelligent seeds are covered with a gelatinous polymer that provides the mentioned microorganisms and other elements, such as fertilizers, that favor germination while protecting them and preventing them from drying out.

These seeds have been planted in the field with the help of a CO2 Revolution drone. This equipment is equipped with various sensors and a ‘smartphone’ LG G8 Smart Green, which performs tasks of reconnaissance of the land, and some dispensers, own design and manufactured with 3D printers, whose deposit has a capacity for 9,000 seeds. This means that in a ten-minute flight, the drone can disperse 9,000 seeds on the ground, many more than the human being could plant by hand at the same time.

The dispensers can distribute the seeds in two different ways: one geolocated, which releases the seed at a specific point and which allows subsequent monitoring of the plant’s growth, which can provide fertilizer or water if needed. And a second way that releases the seeds in the form of an umbrella, with different speeds and dispersion levels.

The system is completed with an LG Gram laptop and its own development software, which analyzes the information provided by the ‘smartphone’ and with which you can track both drone flights and the growth of plants. The recognition and analysis of the land allowed taking the seeds to the optimal places for flowering.

Massive deforestation and CO2 emissions are the main causes of climate change, whose impact affects the entire world population. Only global CO2 emissions increased by 2.7 percent in 2018; 37 gigatons of CO2 equivalent to 325 million new combustion cars put into circulation, as indicated by the president and CEO of LG Electronics Iberia, Jaime de Jaraíz.

The manager understands that companies have an important role in climate change. LG has developed the Smart Green program, committed to the environment, which has already been extended to the 150 countries in which the South Korean company is present. It is “a call to all, individuals, institutions and especially companies, to act for the benefit of the planet,” stressed De Jaraíz.

LG is among the five companies that invest the most in R & D Green and promotes sectors of construction and sustainable mobility, being one of the leading manufacturers of batteries, systems, and components for electric cars and motor of the model of self-sufficient housing through solar energy.

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