Although we are not yet sure about the new technology of the foldable phone, Oppo seems to have exposed its new trademark Enco – the latest possible upcoming series.

On 28th June, Oppo filed a new trademark with EU as per the news of the newly published document. Right now Oppo owns the Reno series with a design and solidity that is truly at the highest levels and even the A-series and also the K series aiming for multi-generation.

Aiming for a foldable phone is just not new. Earlier Samsung had tried to launch Galaxy Fold, and now Oppo is going to debut its foldable series. In fact, this year, OPPO’s Shen Yi exposed the appearance of the OPPO foldable device; the photo shows that the OPPO folding screen device adopts the screen backward in a concave fold so that the screen is maintained outside.

It seems that the mechanism of the new foldable phone is similar to that with Mate X that will come with a dual rear camera placed right in the middle. A glitch that is already marked with this camera is that after the device is folded to the other extent, it would be challenging to take a picture as the rear body of the device will cover the camera completely. And perhaps the reason that Oppo has also managed a front camera. Though it might get squeezed when the phone is folded, it will still manage to take selfies.

The folding phone mechanism has created a lot of hype lately, and we still wait for more detailed information regarding its arrival. It will, hopefully, be an attractive selling point.