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Jaguar Land Rover is creating a new technology of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to detect the mood at the wheel and modify the settings of the passenger compartment to improve the welfare of the driver.

The technology uses a camera that observes the driver and biometric sensors to monitor and assess their mood, and change if necessary the settings of the passenger compartment, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, multimedia system, and ambient lighting. Adjustments will be modified based on the driver’s facial expressions to help mitigate stress. Reports indicate that 74% of people admit feeling stressed or overwhelmed every day *.

The mood detection system will use the latest AI techniques to constantly adapt to the different nuances of the driver’s facial expressions and make the necessary adjustments automatically. After a while, the system will learn the driver’s preferences and can customize the settings more and more.

This customization could, for example, include changing the ambient lighting to soothing colors if the system detects that the driver is suffering from stress, selecting one of his favorite playlists if he identifies signs of weariness and the temperature drop as a response to yawning or other signs of fatigue.

Jaguar Land Rover is also testing a similar technology for rear-seat passengers that includes the installation of a camera on the headrest. If the system detects signs of fatigue, it could dim the lighting, darken the windows and raise the temperature in the back to help passengers fall asleep.

As we move forward on the road to a future of autonomous driving, the driver remains paramount for the company – Dr. Steve Iley, Chief Medical Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

“We work with a holistic approach to the individual driver and implement much of what we have learned from the advances in welfare research over the last 10 or 15 years to ensure that drivers are comfortable, involved and alert at the wheel in all driving situations. driving, even the most monotonous.”

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