Apple opened the first one of its kind App development accelerator in Shanghai to grow the company’s innovation prowess and vast market. Such a new initiative will help serve 2.5 million developers in the country to build out its services business.

Located in Shanghai’s Pudong New District, the project aims to help developers in China implement the latest Apple technologies and distribute their apps to their global customer base – U.S. tech firm

As per sources the Chinese developers have claimed that it was difficult for them to communicate with the company Apple since there was it did not have any application development team based in China. Apple sees that the accelerator would serve as a hub for Chinese developers and provide one-on-one consultations with the Apple team, as well as lectures, seminars, and experimental activities.

As of now, China has more than 2.5 million Apple application developers, while Apple made its debut in China, domestic developers have earned more than 200 billion yuan. The program in parts of China will hold lectures, and networking sessions for developers regularly that include Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.