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Nokia unveils Beacon 1 mesh Wi-Fi router with 2-Gigabit Ethernet ports

Jul 10, 2019, 4:50 am

Nokia has unveiled its new Nokia Beacon 1 mesh system which is somewhat similar to Beacon 3 that was first shipped in 2018. It is a cost-effective router that shares the same features to that of Beacon 3 at a lower price.

The new Beacon 1 router appears to be diminutive than Beacon 3 that supports 802.11ac and can be used to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to more areas of your home, eliminating dead spots. The most highlighting feature is that it can cover 140 square meters (1500 sq. feet) with dual-band system that involves scanning a QR code in the accompanying mobile app with subsequent Beacons being plug and play.

As per the design, it is sleek and not cylindrical just like Beacon 3, but the system is limited to AC1200 speed unlike the Beacon 3 which supports AC3000. The new Beacon 1 mesh router also has built-in features to optimize the available bandwidth such as ‘Intelligent Channel Selection.’ Which means it can automatically select the best Wi-Fi channels from both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference.

The budget-friendly Beacon 1 will cost $130 that is available now at Amazon.

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