Uber announced a new category Uber comfort; to elevate passenger’s riding experience on a day-to-day basis. The new service will be available in over 40 markets in North America with extra legroom, quiet cars, and other amenities.

Uber comfort has been presented as a whole new product with its all-new eye-rolling features that are fancier than Uber X but less fancy than Uber black. It is also expected to be 20 to 40 percent more expensive with its all-new comfort features.

You can request your ideal temperature in advance and let your drivers know when ‘you’re looking for a quiet ride so you can stay comfortable on the road – Uber website

The new Uber quite mode is a helpful tool, especially for those passengers who do not want to indulge in creepy conversations with the driver or people who have social anxiety who likes the environment to be silent. This mode was previously exclusive only for Uber Black customers.

For the drivers who want to accept Uber comfort request first have to meet certain criteria like getting in an average of 4.85-star rating and having a car that is a maximum of five years old. The car that can provide for extra legroom space includes, Toyota Camry, Dodge Durango, Audi SQ7, Chevy Tahoe, and Honda Odyssey.