The musical game Synth Riders, which continues in early access on PC, receives a new update that adds a new pack of free songs and integration with the fitness platform YUR, which allows mainly to know the calories we burn playing. Kluge, the developer of the title, also shares that they are developing a version of Synth Riders for Oculus Quest. The development of the port is in an advanced state, so if everything goes well, it should arrive soon.

Kluge has released an update for their Synth Riders music game, which has been available for early access since this summer. After having listened to all the feedback received, the studio has added four levels of difficulty (easy, normal, difficult and expert) to prolong the duration and offer greater challenges, 2 new scenarios, 5 new songs by different Sythnwave artists and different settings to improve the performance, the visual aspect and the mechanics and playability of the title.

Synth Riders immerses us in a retro-futuristic rhythmic game where our goal is to use the motion controllers to play the notes of colors that come to us, is necessary to hit the pink with one hand, the oranges with both at once and the blue ones with the one that better comes to us. The latest update also introduces colors for each of the hands, in addition to an energy system that causes the level to end when many notes fail and a new score system based on speed.

The song package is called FiXT Essentials and includes 5 songs from the FiXT label, which add to the 16 songs in the game. The update also introduces new levels of difficulty, scenarios and game modes (normal, boxing and resistance).

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