The team behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is trying hard to eradicate cheats and hacks in their game. PUBG Corporation has just released a video about the details of their work behind the scenes.

Quoting, the developers are trying to eradicate cheating in the game, through the way they detect and combat hack that can damage the balance of the game and mess it up. The video that introduces Dohyung Lee, the head of the PUBG anti-cheat unit is quite interesting. Volunteers can do their hard work to create more fair and interesting gameplay.

Lee said that his team focused on providing “the most positive experiences” for the community. When there are suspicious or reported things, the team looks back at the match log to understand what happened.

There are various countermeasures carried out, including machine learning, the prohibition of hardware that will block the cheater’s device, and use data from international partners to assist the business. PUBG Corp. also provides information to other agencies to combat illegal hackers.

Then, they work to analyze the hack or tool used and respond. Once players using a cheat are known, they can be banned forever. Afterward, the team then worked to prevent similar incidents in the future by analyzing data using machine-learning technology. This technology is one of the most important.

This team works with many international partners by reading hackers data and then trying to find ways to stop it. This is a continuous duel that also requires adjustments to the game’s development. Behind your pleasure playing PUBG, it turns out there are people who work hard to maintain the balance of the game.