Uber will test a monthly subscription plan that will combine discounted rides, free Uber Eats food delivery, and free JUMP bike and scooter ride for its users.

It is reported that if it becomes available for all, then it would cost $24.99 per month. Uber is all set to test its lower-priced passes that would offer discounted rides and free delivery on Eats only after ordering over a certain point.

From meals to wheels and everything in between, we’re always looking for ways to make Uber the go-to option for your everyday needs – Uber spokesperson

The new subscription plan is built on the top of Uber’s Ride Pass, which debuted in some cities of America the fall. The ride pass was first launched by Uber last October so that users would have to pay lower prices on individual rides under a monthly fee.

The company has become more than just a ride-hailing app. Free delivery could be a significant selling point for the subscription, the app delivers free only within a few dollars, depending on where you live. Earlier, Uber announced its partnership with Cargo, which is an e-commerce platform to browse and buy things.

The new monthly subscription for combined services is up for its trials in San Francisco and Chicago that would cost $24.99 per month.