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Google Photos is one of the most recommended applications on this website. Whether you use Android or iOS, like Google or not, you have to admit that the application is very useful for many, including me.

Above all, people use it because of the unlimited ability to make a backup of their high-quality photos and videos for all platforms and not to mention the great power of the filters they have available with which you can search practically Anything related to the photos.

Another of the benefits of the app is the continuous updates that improve it little by little. Without going any further, a few weeks ago, it received the update that activated the dark mode.

The problem with so many updates is that many times the improvements go unnoticed. Specifically, we had a week with the update that we came to talk today, and nobody had noticed. On the other hand, Google does not usually include records of changes in the updates of its applications, so it is sometimes difficult to realize.

The first and probably most notable change was noticed by 9to5Google yesterday. The latest version of Google Photos allows you to see the 5-minute previews of the videos in the photo timeline. Timeline videos show 5-second previews that play one by one until the end is reached. You can see the function in action in the video below.

The video preview function seems to work for all compatible versions of Android, which means that it is not exclusive to Android Q or any other, as were some of the previous functions. Previews work on both the local content and the content of the backup in the “Month” and “Commode” views from version 4.20 that can already be downloaded from the Play Store.

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