Finally, we now know who the so-called “PlayerUnknown” is from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds title. In the trailer that anticipates the arrival of the fourth season of Battle Royale, we have a beautiful portion of the plot being added to the title, with the story that motivated the beginning of the intense fighting that in the gaming world created a genre and, in the internal storyline, they serve as a violent way of getting people to find themselves.

We once thought that much larger gears were behind the deadly combat, but now we know a little better about all of this. This PlayerUnknown is actually the only survivor of a massacre that took place over 50 years ago in Erangel, the original island of PUBG.

Between the death of everything he knew, he says he found his true purpose. And now, with a lot of money in his pocket and a great thirst for blood, he thinks the same goes for the other fighters, who are placed in the place he once called home to fight until only one man remains alive. He is tired of being the last survivor and now wants to generate more people with the same characteristics.

This addition of lore to PUBG also accompanies an update to the game’s original map, Erangel. In addition to new visuals, the site has gained historic buildings and new elements that further demonstrate its original roots as a battlefield, so that, according to the developer, the plot seen in the popular video is also an integral part. about the game.

For now, updates are only available on PUBG test servers, so players can send in their feedback and allow the company to make their adjustments prior to a final release. There is no date for that, but the idea, according to PUBG Corp, is that news will reach everyone soon, possibly along with the fourth season of the game, which begins July 24.

In addition to the history and visual updates, the update includes new moves, including parkour maneuvers and unpublished equipment such as weapons, vehicles and miscellaneous items. In addition, the season marks the opening of a new Battle Pass, with goals that can be met by solo players or in groups.

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