There have been a lot of updates lately regarding Tesla like the version 10 software update with other streaming features. Now, the company expects to come with an update that would upgrade MCU options for older Model S and Model X.

Yes, you can upgrade hardware, although we also wrote software to accelerate rendering on old MCU. Coming out soon & makes a big diff – Elon Musk

Musk’s comment regarding MCU retrofit comes within an interaction on Twitter about Tesla Arcade’s new titles. A Tesla owner stated on Twitter an MCU and LTE upgrade for his vehicle would make him happy and as a response Musk said that it would be possible to retrofit older models like Model S and Model X with its newer MCUs.

The new Tesla MCU upgrade will provide with latest features that are available in the newer models of Tesla. It would allow users to gain access to new features that are found in cars that are produced now. And with this upgrade, Tesla discloses that it only enhances its latest products but also tries to strengthen its old products with new updates.

Model X and Model S vehicles that are produced prior March 2018 were equipped with 2011-era NVIDIA Tegra-3 chips which worked well but lacked smoothness and speed so a new upgrade was available in 2018.