For the ones out there who are still watching YouTube videos on their 3DS unfortunate news for you’ll. Nintendo has confirmed that YouTube app will be shutting down from 3DS on Sept. 3rd, 2019. Users will not be able to download the app, and those who already have the app – the app will not function anymore after this date.

Nintendo 3DS is over 8 years old now, having launched in North America in March 2011 quite a long time back when smartphones were still not a trend. So when apps like YouTube made their entry in devices like 3DS, it was a charming novelty. Now, we can access YouTube in more convenient ways through smartphones.

For quite some time, several complaints were launched by the users regarding the app hinting that the app was already on its last stage; hence, the news mustn’t be a surprise. With Switch’s success and Switch Lite on the way we can expect the end of an era – the era of the console that might retire too from the market.

A few months ago on 30th May, YouTube had shut down its standalone YouTube Gaming App. The app is always trying to find a better way to organize itself according to the interest of the users.