Samsung has just released an update for its watch application that honestly cannot leave anyone indifferent. With the function called “Celebrity Alarm”, Samsung wants your favorite artist or celebrity to wake you up in the morning.

This new and curious feature will make it the voice of a famous or celebrity that lifts us out of bed, the concept in itself can be much more attractive than the typical melody that everyone has on their mobile phone – although changing it is simpler than it seems.

In addition to saying good morning with the best of smiles, the “Celebrity Alarm” function will indicate the temperature outside or if it will rain throughout the day, which will prevent us from having to consult the application of the weather in our smartphone every time we wake up.

The news provided by Samsung Central corresponding to the South Korean version of Samsung Galaxy S10 devices, we observe several K-Pop artists known in that country, and can also verify that there is the possibility of downloading new voices both in a way Free as payment.

This version is only available in a few lucky countries. There is no official clarification from the brand whether the feature will be available worldwide or only in some countries especially Asian countries.

Although evidently, the Celebrity Alarm is the highlight, the update of the Samsung watch application also comes with other novelties although not as spectacular. On the one hand, we have a new widget in the form of an analog clock as well as the display of local information of the place where we are.

But without a doubt, being able to get up with the most famous voices in our country is what most attracts our attention to the new features of the Samsung watch. We may never see him on our lands, but it would be curious to wake up with the voices of our favorite celebrities every morning.