Microsoft wins a new patent that has more details about how the volume control user interface will look like and work on a foldable device. The new patent talks about the volume control that is not on the exterior of the device.

The new patent grants for eliminating the physical buttons to control volume and instead of using the virtual control by merely using on display virtual controls. This will also give an uncluttered exterior finish to the device.  While individual audio control for the two speakers attached each to the dual displays is present, an overall volume adjustment control is also provided for the device.

The figure shows a mobile computing device having a first display and a second display. A first display and a first forward-facing camera, and the second part including a second display and a second forward-facing camera. More interestingly it has control over the two audio output modes, one is the parallel output mode, and the other is the mixed audio output mode.

Parallel output mode allows both speakers attached to the two displays to fire separate audios whereas mixed audio output mode mixes outputs from two speakers connected to the two screens. The patent shows two different applications on the multi-screen computing device while we can play music on one display and simultaneously can open a game App on the other display.

The new patent will allow users to use virtual on-screen controls to control volume for music or gaming instead of physical buttons. The device additionally has inertial sensors that will turn on the GUI when the user begins to unfold the device to an open position and could support dual speakers. This patent was granted to Microsoft last month, which was initially filed on June 29, 2017.