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Companies like Samsung and Huawei who are among the leading companies when it comes to manufacturing smartphones. They are trying to refine their foldable devices while at the same time, trying to make them cost-efficient and user-friendly.

At such a juncture, LG has risen surpassing the other companies in the context of making and upgrading foldable devices. LG has proved itself to be a step forward than other companies such as Samsung and Huawei.

While these two companies are still looking into how to refine their foldable devices, LG has introduced expanding hardware with its V50 ThinQ. For its foldable smartphone, LG has added a case which would act as the second screen holder.

This idea of the case holding the screen has been revealed through an image, and the actual device itself has not yet been released. LG is planning to introduce this new foldable V50 ThinQ on 6th September at the IFA 2019 which is supposed to be held in Germany.

The IFA 2019 invitation of LG reveals it’s decision to unveil the dual-screen smartphone at the IFA this year means that LG will continue to develop that strategy with a video done up in an 8-bit style that expands from one narrow screen across a second one.

However, what will be new about this smartphone is that there will be a new small screen on the outer side for showing the date and time. This decision, however, is not an impulsive one or it did not come into existence overnight.

LG had thought about releasing the foldable smartphone but decided against it.

We have reviewed releasing the foldable smartphone when launching 5G smartphone but decided not to produce it – Brian Kwon, incoming mobile executive

LG may take their time with the launch of the foldable phone. One thing that they could do is bring the V50’s second-screen attachment to more markets creating a wide range of customers.

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