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Oppo may launch a slider camera smartphone under new patent

Author at TechGenyz Mobile
Oppo Slider Camera

Oppo Find X announced a high-end fullscreen slider smartphone with a camera system in 2019. The Chinese smartphone giant also launched several Reno smartphones this year. However, we did not hear of any new device launch under the Find model range. Though speculative, there is a chance for the brand to announce the launch of a new device soon. In February Oppo registered a trademark for the name Oppo Find Z and last month the name Oppo Find Y was added to it.

New Oppo Find smartphone

At the end of March, the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) granted a patent to Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications for a smartphone with a full-screen. However, Oppo yet to reveal details about the new phone. Although, not much has been revealed about the new phone yet. The new device has many similarities with last year's Oppo Find X at the same time there are differences too. The model has two cameras integrated into the extendable camera system. Apart from that, a design 'V' is integrated into the rear portion, that becomes extra visible when the front camera system is extended.

On August 2, 2019, another design patent from Oppo was published in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) database. This time the same phone model is shown, however, Oppo has now added a series of color renders. It is about 12 color images, which show the smartphone from all sides in a beautiful red color.

The front shows an image-filling design with nicely rounded edges. The Find X also had an edge display. With the Oppo Reno smartphones, on the other hand, it was decided to integrate a flat-screen. The extendable camera of the patented Oppo smartphone is just as wide as the device itself. Two camera lenses are shown on the front in the illustration.

A double camera is also integrated on the back. These are incidentally placed vertically from each other, and therefore not horizontally as is the case with the Find X. A 3.5mm headphone connection seems to be missing with this model.

Oppo smartphone with slider camera

However, i is still unknown if Oppo is planning to introduce the new Find smartphone in 2019. The Oppo Find X was introduced in June 2018, possibly its successor will be revealed sometime in the coming months.

Oppo recently also demonstrated a device with an under-screen camera. The new phone sports the selfie camera under the screen. Hence, you don't have to make a notch or a hole in the screen. The use of a retractable camera system then also becomes superfluous. However, the manufacturer is not fully satisfied with the image quality and is expected to develop on the technology part to take the new phone to the next level. We can expect to hear more about this model in 2020.

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