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Canon patents for eye-controlled focus without a camera

Aug 7, 2019, 12:28 pm

Recently Canon announced a patent for eye-control focusing without a camera in Japan. The new patent seems to resurrect its eye-controlled focusing feature from its film SLRs.

With this new eye-focusing technology, the camera can auto-focus in the frame. The system works by detecting the rotation of the user’s eye, which was subsequently used to determine the user’s line of light.

The feature was first introduced by the company in its EOS A2E, also known as the EOS 5 and EOS5 QD. But the recent patent as described in the diagram shows what appears to be a mirrorless camera, which gives us some indication as to where it may appear. With this technology, one will get rid of the limitation of controlling the joystick and the touch screen to select the focus point.

Meanwhile, another patent spotted by Canon is the “Power transmission apparatus for wirelessly supplying power to power reception apparatus” – A patent for wireless chargers for the camera. Both patents are literally going to get people excited with the new camera technology from Canon.

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