Xiaomi has announced its launch of Youdao Memobird G4 pocket printer, a portable printer that you can carry along to print out instant photos you have taken. A new third-party thermal printer which can be paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity.

This new pocket device is to some extent similar to the XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer that launched in February 2018. The device comes with a printer app that is to be installed in a smartphone. The thermal printer works swiftly and accurately with the support of the built-in multiple questions database on the printer app.

The printer comes with a built-in rich print template with a black and white design. The printing is done with the help of thermal printing technology; hence, there is no need to add ink at all. The printer provides support for adding friends and sharing moments for even more vibrant interaction possibilities.

Xiaomi Youdao Memobird G4 is a pocket-sized printer that comes with a dimension of 86.8×79.3x39mm and weighs just 165g. It is a pretty lightweight device that packs 900mAh lithium battery that can withstand printing of 8 rolls of paper in only 2 hours of charging.

It is an ideal device for fast and easy prints of your mobile phone photos. The device is available on Xiaomi Youpin for 299 yuan($42).