If you’ve come here after reading the title, you’re probably one of those coffee marks and casuals who’s looking to spice up their caffeinated lifestyle to a whole new level.

That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the coolest coffee gadgets and collectibles to give you another reason to love your warm and scintillating java mug.

1. Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder

This neat little handlebar from Portland Design Works will haul your favorite cup of hot or iced brew as you ride down the street. It comes with a slick design and aluminum build that will have you caffeinated during any long journey between towns and other unexplored destinations out there. It comes in two clamp sizes that’ll fit securely to most that and riser handlebars. 

2. PANCOOK Coffee Scoops

This nifty little gadget is two kitchen utensils in one, making it even more versatile and tougher to lose.

This measuring spoon allows you to measure the perfect amount of coffee in the morning, whereas the attached clip keeps your coffee beans secure and fresh in the bag.

3. Alessi AMDR05 SY Kitchen Box

Italians sure know their coffee well, especially when you have someone like Gianni. This glass kitchen box, in particular, was designed by the Italian design firm Alessi, that have been creating useful and luxurious products ever since 1921. This perfectly tight-sealed jar with the tiny man hanging in the middle is ideal for storing coffee beans that brings out the best of freshness in them. 

4. Brass Collapsible Coffee Dripper

This coffee dripper from Kirkland Collapsible doesn’t just with, it’s also a very convenient way to carry around. It comes in copper or silver and the stainless steel design packs down, that allows for easy storage. 

5. Dual USB & 12V Heated Mug

If you’ve experienced the pain of taking a hot mug of your favorite coffee brew for an hour’s drive to the office only to find that it has cooled down, believe us – we feel your pain. That’s why you need this incredible, state-of-the-art USB-powered travel mug. Just plug it into your computer and enjoy a hot cup of your favorite brew for a whole day of document filing and paper pushing. 

6. Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine

Now here’s one of our personal favorite Coffee Dorks espresso machines in the Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine. This is just the go-to device to help yourself when you’re on the go or traveling in the middle of nowhere.

This espresso maker comes with a built-in hand pump that creates the necessary pressure to brew a concentrated espresso shot.

7. KeepCup 

There’s something rather unappealing about the generic travel mug that literally everybody and anybody can get these days. And yet we feel the opposite when we see the 12-ounce glass and cork KeepCup. Perhaps it’s because its tempered glass is deceptively durable, the cork is really comfortable to grab onto and it has a great lid that is easy to cover the mouth of the mug with, which is perfect for catching a running bus. They are prone to microwave accidents and come in several colors to match just about every personality in existence.

8. The Bod Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Why bother getting a brewer, a container and a freshness tracker when you can have all of that in one with the Bod Cold Brewer. What’s more, is that the brewer is designed to be spill-proof and easy to transport, making it easier for those who love the outdoor experience.

9. HyperChiller Instant Iced Coffee Maker

The HyperChiller does as its name states. It is able to chill hot coffee by over 130 degrees in over 60 seconds without dilution.

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