Huawei announced months ago, regarding the problem it had with the United States government, that it was working on launching its new operating system to replace Android, as Google had turned its back on updates and support.

Although everything has been fixed, Huawei has continued forward with the launch of the operating system that, until now, we knew as Huawei Hongmeng OS. Now, the firm has officially introduced it under the name of Harmony OS, and this is all we know about for now.

This is Huawei’s Harmony OS

Huawei has made Harmony OS official, its own operating system with which it intended to replace Android, and this will retain its old name – Hongmeng OS – in its home country, so there could be a version of it for the West and another for China, just like Xiaomi did with MIUI at the time.

The most curious thing about this Operating System is that it is multiplatform, so the Chinese company would have the intention that it could be introduced into its phones, computers, smartwatches and even home automation products to take advantage of the so-called internet of things.

Huawei has emphasized to clarify that Harmony OS is a firm alternative to Android, and the main difference with its customization layer is that it is much faster, something that had already been affirmed long before this presentation. Also, like Android, it is an open-source system.

However, Huawei has decided not to show – yet – any screenshot of the system, which is strange to us, because it is usually something that many companies boast of their good work in terms of design.

Huawei, in search of the dream ecosystem

One of Huawei’s big ambitions with Harmony OS is to create an ecosystem that connects as many intelligent products as possible, much like Apple. Look for them to be congruent with each other and that it is beneficial for everyone to have the same operating system.

This would make many of the user’s possibilities open if we had several devices with Harmony OS, such as our smartwatch, tablet or smart speaker.

It is not only that these products are congruent, but that they communicate and give us certain advantages, such as rapid synchronization, that allow us to take more advantage of the devices we have.

When will Harmony OS be released?

Harmony OS, which as we have said is designed to work on all types of devices, would be launched before the end of this year 2019, perhaps as an alternative for some terminals of the company, having to wait – in theory – until 2020 to see a smartphone that came out of the factory with this operating system.

However, the thing does not stop there, since the roadmap goes through introducing it into its future devices, from computers to smart speakers, so the company is expected to follow the roadmap it has taught in its developer conference.

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