Amazon Rekognition, a face-scanning software can now detect more age ranges, and can also detect fear, the company announced on Monday. The company launched its face analysis features that can detect faces in the form of gender, age range, emotions, attributes such as ‘Smile,’ face pose, face image quality, and face landmarks.

The company announces, “With this release, we have further improved the accuracy of gender identification. In addition, we have improved accuracy for emotion detection and added a new emotion; fear. Lastly, we have also improved the age range of estimation accuracy.”

A number of researchers have invested plenty of resources to try and read a person’s emotions by analyzing their facial features, movements, voice, and more. Amazon facial recognition tech has also raised concerns about its potential use in surveillance and for the possibility that it could intrude on privacy.

Amazon facial recognition tech has been a subject of controversy for its use by law enforcement agencies. Such technology could possibly be used in cases like human trafficking, and missing children cases.

However, Amazon has not yet acknowledged whether ICE uses its Rekognition technology or not, but the company did meet with the ICE officials among other AWS services.