Snap has unveiled Spectacles 3 glasses that include dual HD cameras to capture scenes in 3D and introduce augmented reality Snapchat effects to moments. The glasses have a sleek design with added HD camera to create depth perception.

Spectacles 3 glasses let users add 3D filters to your walk, take pseudo-3D still shots of your friends and add 3D Lens effects customized with gimmicky AR stickers and effects. Users can take short videos for up to a minute, which is an added improved feature than its predecessor, Spectacle 2 that allowed users for ten seconds of a short video.

Snap’s third Spectacles are certainly unique looking available in two colors, black, and gold and have a lightweight steel frame, adjustable tips, and tinted lenses for protection from the sun. The dual cameras of the spectacle let users record 3D stereoscopic footage capturing a subtle depth effect, with significantly better audio.

The Spectacles 3 has a charging case that holds four charges worth of juice, along with a full-grain leather exterior for a slightly more luxurious feel. However, unlike Spectacles 2, Snap’s third-gen glasses aren’t water-resistant.

As per the camera, the glasses shoot at 1,642 x 1,642, while videos are recorded at 1,216 x 1,216. It comes with a 4GB of onboard storage and features a battery that can capture 70 10-second clips or up to 200 photos on a single charge.

Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 will go on sale on in November for $380, which is quite expensive than the original Spectacles.