Google pay is an online payment system owned by Google. When in 2018 Google rebranded all its online payment systems, it put them all under one umbrella in the form of Google pay. As such, this is an online system that is used in mobile phones and websites to ensure that clients can make payments.

Google pay, also known as G Pay can be used in stores, in-app purchases, peer to peer sending of money and also in contactless payments. For instance, Credit Card Comparison NZ and other companies in New Zealand can have their payments integrated with G Pay to ensure that their clients have ease of making payments.

According to Simon Sule, the Managing Director and Founder of Credit Card Comparison NZ, Google Pay is more than just a mobile payment system; you can also add other loyalty cards and use your Google Pay to also send money to family and friends even if they are located in another country. This is one of the best ways that Google pay has made it easy for people to transact all over the world.

How can one use Google pay?

This is one of the things that many people may want to know before they can sign up for this service. The first step in getting started is to download the Google pay app on your phone. You can also update the app if it already exists on the phone. However, note that the app is only available in the countries where Google Pay is supported.

Once downloaded and installed, you should open the app and add a debit card or a credit card within the tab written “cards”. When you go to Get Started, you will be prompted to add a payment method. You can enter your card information or just take a photo of the card and wait for Google to verify you through an email or an SMS notification.

How to use Google Pay in stores

You can make purchases in stores by using Google Pay once it is installed and activated on your Android Smartphone. Just look out for contactless payment symbol or Google Pay symbol at a payment terminal in a store. To checkout, all you have to do is unlock your phone and hold it over the payment terminal. Wait to see a checkmark. That is all you need to do to make payments.

How to use Google Pay in apps

It is possible to do in-app payments through Google pay. All you have to do is open a supported app such as Airbnb, Uber or any other. When you are checking out after you want to make a purchase, choose Google Pay as your mode of payment.  It is also possible to find “Buy with Google Pay” in some apps. This means you will not have to enter credit card details or shipping address before you make the purchase with Google pay. This is a rather swift mode of paying using Google pay.

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