Dell has recently launched the new G5 smart gaming desktop in China at the price of only 6499 yuan. The desktop is a part of Dell G series and supports eSport gaming.

The all-new Dell G5 5090 comes with a black side through design including a blue light strip on the front for tool-free assembly.

The heat dissipation of the desktop is quite satisfactory. Dell G5 5090 is designed for the front and rear air ducts. The front panel of the desktop has a 55% hollow design that helps to increase the air intake.

Dell G5 5090 runs with the i5 9400 six-core processor and is equipped with GTX1660Ti graphics card. The desktop also has 8 GB memory with a 512 GB SSD.

Dell G5 5090 model comes with an Alien Intelligence Center which adds up a number of advantages to the desktop, ex. quick adjustments while the computer is running, high performance, etc. The desktop also includes power-saving mode with one button. The new Game Library feature of the desktop can store and display games easily.

Processor i5 9400 six-core processor
Memory 8 GB 512 GB SSD
ModelG5 5090
ColorBlack (with blue light strip)
Power saving modeAvailable
Special featuresGame Library, Alien Intelligence Center