Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 11,939,593
    Confirmed: 11,939,593
    Active: 4,551,495
    Recovered: 6,842,510
    Death: 545,588
  • USA 3,096,500
    Confirmed: 3,096,500
    Active: 1,607,972
    Recovered: 1,354,579
    Death: 133,949
  • Brazil 1,674,655
    Confirmed: 1,674,655
    Active: 535,558
    Recovered: 1,072,229
    Death: 66,868
  • India 743,481
    Confirmed: 743,481
    Active: 265,770
    Recovered: 457,058
    Death: 20,653
  • Russia 694,230
    Confirmed: 694,230
    Active: 219,856
    Recovered: 463,880
    Death: 10,494
  • Peru 309,278
    Confirmed: 309,278
    Active: 97,388
    Recovered: 200,938
    Death: 10,952
  • Chile 301,019
    Confirmed: 301,019
    Active: 26,340
    Recovered: 268,245
    Death: 6,434
  • Spain 299,210
    Confirmed: 299,210
    Active: 270,818
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,392
  • UK 286,349
    Confirmed: 286,349
    Active: 241,958
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,391
  • Mexico 261,750
    Confirmed: 261,750
    Active: 70,974
    Recovered: 159,657
    Death: 31,119
  • Iran 245,688
    Confirmed: 245,688
    Active: 26,757
    Recovered: 207,000
    Death: 11,931
  • Italy 241,956
    Confirmed: 241,956
    Active: 14,242
    Recovered: 192,815
    Death: 34,899
  • Pakistan 234,509
    Confirmed: 234,509
    Active: 94,713
    Recovered: 134,957
    Death: 4,839
  • Saudi Arabia 217,108
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 217,108
    Active: 60,252
    Recovered: 154,839
    Death: 2,017
  • South Africa 215,855
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 215,855
    Active: 110,054
    Recovered: 102,299
    Death: 3,502
  • Turkey 207,897
    Confirmed: 207,897
    Active: 17,345
    Recovered: 185,292
    Death: 5,260
  • Germany 198,355
    Confirmed: 198,355
    Active: 6,552
    Recovered: 182,700
    Death: 9,103
  • France 168,810
    Confirmed: 168,810
    Active: 61,222
    Recovered: 77,655
    Death: 29,933
  • Bangladesh 168,645
    Confirmed: 168,645
    Active: 88,392
    Recovered: 78,102
    Death: 2,151
  • Canada 106,154
    Confirmed: 106,154
    Active: 27,576
    Recovered: 69,867
    Death: 8,711
  • China 83,565
    Confirmed: 83,565
    Active: 403
    Recovered: 78,528
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,694
    Confirmed: 50,694
    Active: 44,562
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,132
  • S. Korea 13,181
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,181
    Active: 982
    Recovered: 11,914
    Death: 285
  • Australia 8,755
    Confirmed: 8,755
    Active: 1,194
    Recovered: 7,455
    Death: 106
  • New Zealand 1,536
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,536
    Active: 22
    Recovered: 1,492
    Death: 22

Upcoming innovations in online gaming

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Future Gaming

Online gaming continues to evolve in fascinating ways, as technology offers deeper immersion, greater interaction, and increasing flexibility to suit a diverse audience.

iGaming sites can take advantage of the latest innovations to secure a competitive edge and deliver a more exciting customer experience. This may mean extensive investments in emerging technology, but as the cliche goes, you have to spend money to make money.

What upcoming innovations in online gaming can we expect to see in the future?

Virtual Reality takes you deeper into the game

Virtual reality is more affordable and accessible than so many science-fiction writers even dreamed in decades gone by. Systems like Oculus Rift put you right into the experience of playing online pokies, table games and more — rather than just looking at the reels, cards or wheels on a screen.

A small number of online casinos and bingo sites offer VR compatibility, but this is guaranteed to keep growing in the next few years. As VR gear drops in price and iGaming brands recognize its benefits, demand will increase. And that means more exciting gaming opportunities for us all.

More free spins and exclusive bonuses to stand out

Free spins are a popular way for online gaming sites to incentivize players. Free spins NZ tend to be given away as part of a welcome bonus to entice newcomers or as reload offers, a simple thank-you for adding more money to your account.

As the online gaming market continues to expand and become more competitive, brands will take greater advantage of free spins to stand out from their rivals. And other exclusive bonuses are increasingly common too.

Rewards like gig tickets pass to high-profile sports events, spa breaks, new gadgets and more will all feature at more online gaming sites. Brands will focus on selling their services with the promise of glamour and lifestyle upgrades, evoking the sophistication we associate with brick-and-mortar casinos.

Greater focus on mobile-first gaming websites

More and more players enjoy gaming on mobile devices instead of desktop or laptop computers. Smartphones’ processing power means they can run games with stunning visuals, smooth performance, and no lag — giving you such a great experience there’s really no need to choose any other option.

Gaming brands will design all online pokies, table games, bingo and more for mobile as a priority. And let’s not forget: Google gives precedence to websites optimized for mobile devices in its results pages. That gives websites an extra reason to focus on mobile above all else.

Esports as a leading gaming market

Esports has gone from a curiosity to a major competitive field — and it’s set to become a much stronger presence in the world of online gaming.

The beauty of Esports is the entertainment factor: you can place wagers on favorite teams/players and watch how they perform just as you would with cricket or football. But it’s an entirely different experience with video games: you get the same teamwork and competitive edge but in all kinds of exciting virtual worlds.

What do you think are the most exciting upcoming innovations in online gaming? Let us know below!

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