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Google Go Search and Lens available worldwide for Android 5.0 or above

Aug 21, 2019, 7:20 am

Google Go was first launched in 2017 keeping in mind the low data users, ultimately emerging as the data cost-effective lightweight app to help fulfill all the internet related needs at almost half the data. Most of the Google Go apps have been kept limited to the Next Billion Users.

However, Google has been releasing them internationally creating a bigger market. In the plethora of Google Go apps, the latest one to have an international launch is Google Go with Lens and Search. From today, Google Go is available worldwide for Android 5.0 Lollipop and later devices. Users can download it from Play Store for free.

The original size of Google Go when it was first launched was only 5 MB but now its size has increased to 7 MB. Things downloaded using Google Go does not encroach upon the limited storage space. It also caters to slow data connections.

Over the last two years, the scope of its functions has increased and at I/O 2019 in May it had incorporated Google Discover’s feed of relevant articles and Google Lens including the overlaying of the visual translations which preserve the original context.

The “read-out-loud” feature of Google Lens helps to read a sign back to the user. Also, the app does not feature any ads, and it highlights words on the screen in real-time. If Google Go is compared to the basic Google app, Go will certainly emerge as the app which gives its user browsing experience.

Apart from this, users can also switch to a second language along with having the option of optimized image and GIF search.

Moreover, Google is also rolling out Gallery Go dark theme, and Gallery Go, a photo app which works offline. The company notes millions of users, with the client often preinstalled on Android Go edition devices and accessible through a home-screen widget.

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