In the last 50 years since it was founded, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has come a long way by overcoming technological hurdles and achieving several milestones.

Indian Space Research Organization has now announced at launching Small Satellite Launch vehicle by December. ISRO’s Chairman, Dr.K Sivan, said that this new space vehicle would enable commercial use of small satellites at minimum cost and manpower.  

ISRO’s Small Satellite Launch vehicle is designed by engineers in such a way that it will help to inject small satellites weighing up to 500 Kilograms in low earth orbit. ISRO’s Chairman has also spoken about the future launches that are to be taken up by the organization.

Recently the agency had announced its another giant leap of launching 4,000-kg payload to the geostationary orbit at 36, 000-km altitude. Looking back when ISRO was set up on August 15, 1969; the country didn’t have the infrastructure or the fundings to launch big rockets, but now, the agency has an array of planning and announcements to make.

Already the Chandrayaan-2 mission and the Gaganyaan have caused a lot of hype among the people in the country, and this is just the beginning. After the completion of Gaganyaan by 2022, ISRO will work on setting up India’s own Space Station with a lined up series of the interplanetary mission said, Dr. Sivan