New PlayStation Game Console Patented, the Sony PS5?!

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The launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 is expected on February 12, 2020, at the PlayStation Meeting 2020. Although Sony has already revealed several new functions and specifications of the Sony PS5 over the years, there are still a lot of ambiguities. For example, the company is very reluctant to provide information about the VR/AR possibilities. It is still not clear as to how many consoles are in the pipeline.

A mysterious electronic device from Sony Interactive Entertainment

Today we are reporting on an unknown electronic device from Sony, coming from Sony’s technical director Yusuhiro Ootori. This man appeared extensively several years ago when he showed the first teardown of PlayStation 4 in a 1.5-hour YouTube video.

This is a patent that was applied by Sony Interactive Entertainment at the INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) in Brazil in May this year, after which the design patent was registered on 13 August 2019 in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database.

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The brief description is literally: ‘configuration applied to / in electronic device’. The patent is categorized as Class 14.02, which includes ‘data processing equipment and peripheral equipment’. Game consoles are also placed within this category. The design of the PS4 was patented last year, also in Brazil. This design patent was also placed within Class 14.02. Furthermore, the designer’s name is mentioned there: Yusuhiro Ootori, this is the engineering director at Sony. The illustration below shows the two Sony patents side by side.

If we look at the design, we see the asymmetrically designed device with a tough look. There are several air ventilation holes in the housing. In the center, you will see a clear ‘V’ or this refers to the Roman V in the form of a PS5. It could very well be related to the new PlayStation, whether it is a game console or remains of an accessory however unclear. Possibly it is a variant of the PS5, a smaller model?

Finally, it is still completely unknown what the new game console from Sony will look like. It is known that the PS5 will work with game discs, but it is unclear whether this device also offers space for this. Perhaps the narrow slot is a drawer. It could also be possible that Sony is developing a cloud-based console, where you can only stream games and no longer play them via a disc.

Looking at the design, the device seems to have something to do with gaming. In addition, it is noteworthy that Sony – unlike some other manufacturers – usually only submits design patents for products that it actually wants in the market.

At the front, we see a number of clear connection points positioned next to each other. Immediately above is a round button, probably the power button. We also see five round buttons, with an elongated narrow slot underneath.

The fact remains that I simply don’t know what kind of electronic device this is. Nevertheless, I find the design so striking that it is worth reporting, possibly you can make more out of it.

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