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LG Game Pad for gaming phones expected at IFA 2019

Author at TechGenyz Mobile
LG Game Pad

LG is focussing on mobile gaming. At IFA 2019, at least one high-end smartphone from LG Electronics is expected.

In the press invitation, LG spoke about the G8x ThinQ, probably the company also has an LG V60 ThinQ in development. This mobile phone will probably have three screens, for which the Korean manufacturer has already distributed a teaser. It seems that LG wants to focus even more on gaming with this premium smartphone.

LG GamePad presumably for the V60 ThinQ

LG Corp. filed a trademark with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for the name LG GamePad. The application was filed by patent and law firm Mitscherlich from Munich, Germany. Earlier this month, this company was also responsible for applying for the LG K50s and K40s, both of which are budget phones that are also expected at IFA 2019.

The application for LG GamePad is categorized as Class 9, with the description; 'smartphones; mobile phones; electronic game software; removable display for smartphones to portable media players; wireless controllers for controlling the operation of electronic devices, other than game computer controllers; game cartridges for use with electronic game equipment; video game cartridges and cassettes'.

On the same day, this trademark was also applied for by LG Corp. in home country Korea at the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office).

It is of course not the first time that LG introduces a gamepad. The V50 ThinQ was introduced at the beginning of this year, as the first 5G smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. An optional case with an integrated display has been designed for this smartphone. By using this optional cover you suddenly have a dual-screen phone, which is ideal for gaming.

The application for LG Game Pad indicates that the manufacturer wants to further expand this strategy. The V60 again seems to be a kind of gaming smartphone. That is not surprising, since playing mobile games has become increasingly popular.

The first teaser of the LG Game Pad already showed that an LG smartphone with three screens is coming. This time the case also appears to show a small screen on the front probably meant for notifications and incoming calls.

A retro game was also shown in the teaser. LG will probably again opt for the detachable display method. This solution is a lot cheaper than a foldable phone and still gives users the option of using two screens.

New LG products at IFA 2019

On September 6, 2019, the consumer electronics and home appliances fair IFA 2019 will start in Berlin, Germany. The day before, the press was given the opportunity for a hands-on session with the G8x, as the Dutch press invitation stated. This device will become available in the Benelux in the fall.

There is a good chance that in addition to a G8x, a V60 will also be introduced at the annual IFA fair. In addition, the company recently applied for a trademark for the name V60s. However, this trademark has so far only been requested in Korea, so we do not expect this mobile phone to be seen at IFA.

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