India is in discussion with Russia over a wide range of cooperation in the space sector. Russia has offered its semi-cryogenic engine technology, and critical components for India’s human space capsule confirmed K. Sivan, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman on Sunday.

We are in talks with the Russian space agency on various aspects, and nothing has been firmed up. What has been finalized is the agreement to train the Indian cosmonauts by Russia for our human space mission Gaganyaan – Mr. Sivan

It was already anticipated that as ISRO continued preparation for Gaganyaan project, the spacesuit astronaut wear may come from Russia. And now it is confirmed that Russia will be offering its semi-cryogenic rocket engine technology to India under the “Make-in-India’ program. “The rocket engines could be made in India and used in our rockets,” Mr. Sivan said.

Both countries will discuss in the sphere of piloted space flights, satellite navigation, and engine technology. As per reports, the countries are to negotiate the contracts for the supply of crew seats, windows, and spacesuits for India’s human space mission named Gaganyaan.

Mr. Sivan said The Russian ground station would be in Bengaluru while India’s is likely to be in Moscow. However, nothing has been finalized yet.