Hi, Streamers! Spotify partners Anchor to ramp up podcasts from you

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Spotify is basically based on the content which they do not own and most of their revenues goes to paying the music labels for the music that is streamed from their label. However, Spotify is looking to rectify that.

Spotify has always tried to ramp up Podcasts from its users. While there are thousands of podcasts available on both the Spotify app and the website, The audio streaming platform wants to push its users into uploading more podcasts on Spotify.

Spotify has partnered with Anchor, a free app to record a high-quality podcast and to distribute it everywhere, to give the beginners and amateurs a chance to create their own content, record it, and upload it on Spotify’s server. This new Spotify Podcasts feature was, in fact, discovered by Jane Wong and she took to Twitter to announce her discovery publicly.

Jane Wong discovered that Spotify certainly wants its users to engage more with the app, and create content which in turn will reduce the revenue collected by Spotify over the time, and it would not have to depend entirely on the Music record labels for its meager revenues.

It is entirely not clear as to what Spotify’s main intention behind it is. Spotify might as well try to increase its usage and encroach upon a larger market for that matter. But this may also be an experimental step taken towards escaping the streaming music trap.

Apart from the new Podcast feature, Jane Wong also discovered two other new features, and she also Twitted about them.

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