The messaging app Telegram is now planning crypto trading via bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet provider Button Wallet.

Last time it was reported that Telegram was canceling its initial coin offering. Now the messaging app company announces to deliver “the first batches” of the coin in the next two months. Within the next two weeks, a test version of the Gram network will be released.

Telegram Gram cryptocurrency will be available to Telegram’s 200-300 million global users and Grams will make it possible to buy and sell other goods on Telegram. Reports suggest Grams are already trading in an unauthorized secondary market on small cryptocurrency exchanges.

Button wallet has unveiled that any Telegram user can activate Button’s Telegram Open Network wallet and receive the 6.6 testnet grams on the account. However, Telegram has a hard deadline to make its digital currency happen.

Telegram had shared with investors in 2018 during its ICO building a virtual currency network called Telegram Open Network. TON is the network through which Grams will be delivered to investors and thus needs to be up and running by October 31. Hence October 31 is the real deadline for the company to make cryptocurrency real.