20 Best VR game titles that let you see the future world

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Varun Kesari
Varun Kesari
Blogger | Youtuber | Music lover | Tech enthusiastic | Proud To be INDIAN

VR headset is not a simple device. It is portal thanks to which you can experience another side of the video game. A magical, enchanting face, a face that reinvents the video game, makes it fresh, new, unpredictable, as it once was.

We decided to celebrate it with a ranking dedicated to the titles that best represent what this technology can do, and what it could do in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, here is our TOP 20 of VR games that you shouldn’t miss for any reason in the world.

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20. Carnival Games VR

Although simplistic, Carnival Games VR manages to pack a delicious package of mini-games, useful for bringing the most reluctant to this new way of playing video games. The offer also sports a couple of very interesting VR apps, such as climbing, which will surely drive anyone who tries it, including virtual reality veterans. It has just surpassed THE PLAYROOM VR.

19. Tetris Effect

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It is not the best expression of virtual reality and certainly could have enjoyed greater attention in the definition and in the depth of the image, although the updates have slightly improved the situation. That said, you have never played Tetris this way. 

Magnificent synaesthesia that pumps the veins and enhances the senses, a spectacle before which it is impossible to remain indifferent. For heaven’s sake, it is still the Tetris, but it is the most beautiful one ever.

18. Statik

Statik is a puzzle that overrides hardware limitations and builds interaction around Dualshock. The resolution of the puzzles revolves around devices glued to the hands of the player, where the buttons of the controller activate a certain effect once they are pressed: they turn on lights, move levers, project images … sometimes it is a bit too cryptic, and, on balance facts, its longevity is not so striking, but it is a refined puzzle game, which lovers of the genre must absolutely have in their own collection.

17. The Invisible Hours

The Invisible Hours is not a game, much less a movie. There is no real control over the unfolding of the plot because changes cannot be made. The peculiarity lies in the staging: we are faced with a sort of thriller like a huge theatrical show that takes place in real-time. An exercise in style that makes us understand how narrative could evolve in virtual reality. It can also be tackled without a viewer.

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16. Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

We do not know how the developers of Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR have managed to translate ping pong in a way that is faithful to reality. Not only physics amazes, not only is tracking excellent, but artificial intelligence is anything but artificial. From a graphic and stylistic point of view, we could dare more, but we forgive it quickly enough. Stay tuned to read our full review, which will arrive as soon as the team implements the now imminent multiplayer.

15. Zero Hour Firewall

Whoever said that waiting for pleasure is itself a pleasure, certainly won’t have played Zero Hour Firewall. Let me be clear, it is a show of strength for virtual reality, one of the most intense online experiences you can experience today, where the Aim Controller stands out as the absolute protagonist. Too bad it’s just a multiplayer title, and the times to get into the game are sometimes longer than those you interact with. 

The content offer is skeletal, although constantly expanding. However, if you love tactical shooters, and you have a couple of friends with whom to share it, Firewall Zero Hour becomes a practically obligatory purchase.

14. Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector has only one major flaw. It is characterized by a steep learning curve, condensed in gameplay that fatigues like few things about virtual reality. It is no coincidence that he takes the Corsica genre and removes it by implementing a control system that gives the illusion of being really running. 

And in this illusion he builds his magic made of emotions and joys, in an experience certainly difficult to understand in all its nuances, requiring time and patience to be appreciated, but that all video game lovers should try, sooner or later. It is undoubtedly one of the most original and best-packaged games currently available on virtual reality.


SUPERHOT VR is the shooter in which time moves only when the player moves. It looks like an action movie sequence simulator: it is always outnumbered, bullets can be dodged thanks to the aid of slow-motion, and even the most innocent of objects can represent a lethal weapon.

The tracing sometimes makes the tantrums without a suitable configuration, but this very particular title makes intelligent use of space in virtual reality. It will make your adrenaline flow in your body. And maybe something else too.

12. Rec Room

Rec Room would deserve more than an honorable twelfth position. Unfortunately, the technical performance has gaps, at least on PSVR, yet it is a game in continuous evolution, and formally still in Beta. Having said that, there is a revolutionary experience in front of you, a robust social hub in which you create a virtual alter ego, to then access a whole series of activities together with other online players. 

From fantasy adventures to soccer, from paintball to dodgeball, up to a surrogate of the absolutely remarkable Battle Royale. If you want to test the potential of VR as a multiplayer tool, the Rec Room is the one for you. In addition to being playable without a viewer (but losing much of its charm), know that the entire game is free.

11. WipEout Omega Collection

Although not built from the ground up for virtual reality, Wipeout Omega Collection is simply the best VR racing game. And also the most adrenaline, the most entrancing, the most beautiful to see, the most beautiful to feel and… we could go on and on.

The development team proved to be very generous, giving VR mode to all owners of the basic game. These days, such a gesture is to be admired.

10. Bound VR

Bound is a somewhat ambiguous title. If in his TV version he can’t hit the mark, when you wear the visor, instead, the music changes. It changes radically. Being surrounded by the shapes, characters, and abstract places of the Plastic title is something indescribable in words.

Seriously, it is an incredible aesthetic representation of the possibilities of this technology, an enchanting journey to live in silence, alone, without the daily chaos … while in the ears its splendid soundtrack plays.

9. Moss

Moss is a jewel, where we like to call the bridge between the traditional video game and the virtual reality game. An adorable, exciting platformer, manufactured with love and passion, piece by piece. Too bad it’s short enough to leave a bit of bitterness in the mouth, but these are the games we need for VR. Those able to amaze with simplicity.

8. Infinite REZ

Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s masterpiece born on Dreamcast and PS2 uses virtual reality to reach the final form. The Infinite edition presents Area X, an extraordinary additional level, one of the highest points touched by VR, despite it lasts only fifteen minutes. Not that the rest of the game is to be thrown away, far from it: prepare yourself for an excursion between lights and colors, a cross between a musical game and a shooter on tracks that initially leaves you lost, and then kidnaps forever.

7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is one of the very first titles born on PSVR and is still one of the best. Let those who have lived through the golden

age of arcade cabinets see it: they will be amazed for at least a quarter of an hour. This is a shooter on tracks that uses horror to pack the most disturbing roller coasters ever. Seeing is believing. And let your friends and relatives try it, of course! Obbligateli!

6. The Persistence

The Persistence is a digression of the survival horror that takes roguelike and injects it directly into virtual reality. It has everything a solo game should have done as it should: good longevity, excellent control system, suffocating atmosphere, weapons, and gadgets full of creativity, and much, much more. The surprise of the year.

5. Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR will remain forever in our hearts, even if we already have it striking in its innumerable versions. The edition developed for virtual reality, however, is different, because here the story of the Dragon’s Blood is transformed, and becomes an introspective journey where the player is the protagonist and not his digital alter ego. 

Traveling in the mountains, fighting against bandits, chatting with the locals, all small operations that in the traditional videogame are now commonplace, but in VR they build a cosmos in which to get lost inside. After trying Skyrim VR, the role-playing video game is no longer the same. Now those fantasy worlds we always want to live on the viewer, and not on TV.

4. Resident Evil 7

A terrible seventh chapter, in the sense that it exudes tension from all the pores with a disturbing setting that knows which strings to touch to disturb. Unfortunately, due to some problems, it tends to feed the kinetosis in certain subjects, which is why we advise you to first make bones with other virtual reality titles before tackling the Capcom creature. However, Resident Evil 7 is undoubtedly one of the best VR video games ever, a milestone that has upset the horror video game.

3. Farpoint

Farpoint has redefined the first-person shooter through the splendid device of Sony, the Aim Controller, capable of giving an unmatched identification. You pull the trigger: you, physically. Put your arm in position, bring the gun close to your face, close your eye to take aim from the holographic sight, and shoot. And shooting in VR has never been so rewarding. One of the cornerstones of PSVR.

2. Beat Saber

We would like to take to the streets and shout to the world of Beat Saber. We would like you all to try it because it is something that remains in your soul, it leaves you breathless (also because it is exhausting). It’s a very simple game, you can understand it by watching it in action for two seconds on the screen. 

A musical title in which it is necessary to break cubes with two lightsabers. And what’s cooler than lightsabers? The nerve center around which the fun orbits emerge from the structure of the songs, because the movements and positioning of the cubes follow the rhythm at the millimeter, and literally makes you dance in time, almost involuntarily. It’s crazy.

1. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a game that you either love it or love it. The purchase of a Sony display must be accompanied by a copy of this wonder. Really, don’t dare to leave it on the shelf. You could appreciate more different kinds, no one doubts it, but the one made by ASOBI! The team is resounding. 

In terms of ease of use, productive values, artistic coherence, variety, and fun, there is nothing so well done on PSVR. A goal, a new way of seeing the platform game, which opens up to a subsequent generation of VR titles that we can’t wait to live with you.

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