Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 11,367,359
    Confirmed: 11,367,359
    Active: 4,405,678
    Recovered: 6,428,876
    Death: 532,805
  • USA 2,934,814
    Confirmed: 2,934,814
    Active: 1,546,295
    Recovered: 1,256,206
    Death: 132,313
  • Brazil 1,578,376
    Confirmed: 1,578,376
    Active: 535,396
    Recovered: 978,615
    Death: 64,365
  • Russia 674,515
    Confirmed: 674,515
    Active: 217,609
    Recovered: 446,879
    Death: 10,027
  • India 673,904
    Confirmed: 673,904
    Active: 245,563
    Recovered: 409,062
    Death: 19,279
  • Peru 299,080
    Confirmed: 299,080
    Active: 99,047
    Recovered: 189,621
    Death: 10,412
  • Spain 297,625
    Confirmed: 297,625
    Active: 269,240
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,385
  • Chile 291,847
    Confirmed: 291,847
    Active: 28,210
    Recovered: 257,445
    Death: 6,192
  • UK 284,900
    Confirmed: 284,900
    Active: 240,702
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,198
  • Mexico 245,251
    Confirmed: 245,251
    Active: 68,203
    Recovered: 147,205
    Death: 29,843
  • Italy 241,419
    Confirmed: 241,419
    Active: 14,621
    Recovered: 191,944
    Death: 34,854
  • Iran 237,878
    Confirmed: 237,878
    Active: 27,521
    Recovered: 198,949
    Death: 11,408
  • Pakistan 225,283
    Confirmed: 225,283
    Active: 95,570
    Recovered: 125,094
    Death: 4,619
  • Saudi Arabia 205,929
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 205,929
    Active: 60,815
    Recovered: 143,256
    Death: 1,858
  • Turkey 204,610
    Confirmed: 204,610
    Active: 19,912
    Recovered: 179,492
    Death: 5,206
  • Germany 197,418
    Confirmed: 197,418
    Active: 7,037
    Recovered: 181,300
    Death: 9,081
  • South Africa 187,977
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 187,977
    Active: 93,724
    Recovered: 91,227
    Death: 3,026
  • France 166,960
    Confirmed: 166,960
    Active: 60,007
    Recovered: 77,060
    Death: 29,893
  • Bangladesh 159,679
    Confirmed: 159,679
    Active: 86,961
    Recovered: 70,721
    Death: 1,997
  • Canada 105,316
    Confirmed: 105,316
    Active: 27,652
    Recovered: 68,990
    Death: 8,674
  • China 83,545
    Confirmed: 83,545
    Active: 402
    Recovered: 78,509
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,335
    Confirmed: 50,335
    Active: 44,222
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,113
  • S. Korea 13,030
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,030
    Active: 936
    Recovered: 11,811
    Death: 283
  • Australia 8,362
    Confirmed: 8,362
    Active: 903
    Recovered: 7,355
    Death: 104
  • New Zealand 1,530
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,530
    Active: 18
    Recovered: 1,490
    Death: 22

How technology can improve customer interaction

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Customer Interaction

Technology has transformed the customer experience enormously over the past few years – but not all of this change has been for the better. While a self-service checkout can process a much higher volume of customers (and without demanding a wage in return), it still can’t quite replicate the human touch provided by a real cashier. Thus, technological advance has been associated, often unfairly, with a diminished experience for the customer.

But there are some ways in which tech can have the opposite effect, and actually make life easier for the end-user. Let’s consider a few.

Call tracking

Call tracking technology isn’t a new development. What’s new is that call tracking is getting smarter. Businesses are able to provide each individual visitor to a website with a unique number to call. This, in turn, allows a customer’s journey to be more precisely mapped to the things they’ve seen online, even if the action they take occurs over the phone.

This data can provide agents with some context at the start of a phone call, allowing them a better idea of the customer’s needs. The result for the end-user? Less time spent explaining the situation to confused agents, and more relevant conversations with the business.

Voice assistance

Speaking commands to a realistic voice assistant is a great deal more intuitive than typing search queries into a browser or using a mouse to navigate a website – even a well-designed one. This is particularly the case for older people, who might find struggle with more traditional input devices. A study of a retirement community in San Diego found almost universal approval of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and these opinions are echoed throughout the world.

Internet of Things

The IoT has become a little bit of a marketing buzzword, which has, in turn, caused microchips to be implanted into everything from toasters to kettles to speaker systems. There are billions of IoT connected devices across the globe, and they’re providing manufacturers with vital R&D data, and making it easier to anticipate problems before they occur. That means less downtime, fewer faults, and ultimately, happier customers.

Customer support AI

Text-based chatbots are a popular tool for customer-facing businesses. Log onto many websites and you might be confronted with a chat window in the bottom corner, asking whether there’s anything that the representative can do to help.

Of course, paying for a person to ask this question to every visitor would be unfeasible – and so an AI handles the early portion of the conversation (often just the opening salvo) before handing seamlessly over to a human assistant. This ultimately means less time waiting for correspondence, and less irritation suffered by the end-user. Chatbots are getting rapidly more sophisticated, with voice-recognition technology enabling them to be put at the end of phone lines, as well as into browsers.

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