Australian drivers might now be able to pay and finalize orders for Tesla’s Model 3 electric sedan. Tesla has officially announced the start of deliveries of its best-selling Model 3 electric sedan in Australia by posting a video on Twitter.

The video showcased a black Standard Range Plus Model 3 of Tesla’s Richmond Service and Delivery Centre in Melbourne driving into the Victorian capital’s streets. As reports suggest, it is a clear signal to the rest of the developed world “that Australia is slowly but surely beginning the long road to catch up.”

Tesla fans in Australia must be enthusiastic about buying the Model 3 as in the US, known “the Tesla Stretch.” CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk recently told in an earning call that “trade-in data for the Model 3 indicated for many people, it is the most expensive car they’ve ever bought, so they are clearly demonstrating with their money that they’re willing to spend extra money to get a Tesla. “

While it is yet unknown exactly how many Australians reserved and are now finalizing orders for the world’s best-selling electric car. But the arrival of the Model 3 will likely accelerate the shift here that is so badly needed.

In Australia, there are currently only a handful of electric vehicles available and registered for EVs accounting that is less than 1% of their national fleet. However, the arrival of the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan has the potential to create the tipping point needed for EV uptake to become a real phenomenon finally.