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Torchlight 2 presents the players with the new world twist to the age-old, and very famous Dungeons and Dragons game. Now Torchlight 2 is available on consoles, and the Torchlight franchise dropped a brand new trailer regarding the plot and storyline of the game. For almost 7 years, Torchlight was constrained to being PC oriented only, and it enjoyed its reputation as an exclusive PC title.

Even though Torchlight 2 will be branching out after so long a time, it will expand its boundaries nonetheless, and its addition to consoles games will encourage similar games to branch out to consoles. There is an obvious lack of Diablo-like online game which the Torchlight 2 is very similar to.

The new game is now available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store only at $20.

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Nintendo Switch

The comparison between Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 is very on-your-face because both of these games had released the same year. These two games are similar in other aspects also such as the top-down perspective. Furthermore, both Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 are fantasy action, RPG looters. If there is one aspect in which these two games differ from each other is the fact that Diablo 3 is a much more common household name owing to its availability across multiple platforms unlike Torchlight 2.

However, now that Torchlight 2 is expanding to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, it is hoped that it will soon become a familiar name, and not remain in obscurity any longer.

The game has its own set of attractions to lure and charm its players. First off, Torchlight 2 is an action-packed RPG with aesthetically appealing color palette, and engaging co-op and competitive gameplay. Pets can be used as an ally to carry loot into towns, and it also helps to empty out the inventory. The players can choose among a cat, a bulldog, a wolf, a ferret, a panther, and Switch exclusive unicorn.

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