“Anywhere is Home”: LG talks about its AI-based plans for the future at the IFA 2019

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At the inaugurating panel talk event at the IFA 2019, Dr. I.P. Park, President, and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics emphasized how the company is looking forward to developing AI further ultimately creating an ‘Anywhere is Home’ outside the boundaries of the home through the use of LG ThinQ.

The panel included guest speakers like Dino Flore, the vice president of technology at Qualcomm, Maurice Conti, the Chief Innovation Officer of Telefonica’s moonshot factory Alpha, and Ralph Wiegmann, CEO of iF International Forum Design.

In the discussion, Dr. Park mentioned and pushed forward the importance of LG ThinQ’s existence and its ability to bring together AI products and services with Wi-Fi and IoT under one unified whole. To make his point across of how LG has evolved over the years, Park demonstrated robot vacuum cleaners embedded with the new intelligent learning concept which enables the robot vacuum cleaner to avoid crash into other things, making it easier for us to operate the robot without breaking a sweat.

LG will look forward to bring out more appliances based on this AI chipset using the LG Neural Engine for on-device AI.

Dr. Park’s keen observation skills also brought forward the fact that user-device interaction should increase and it should not be restricted to just voice recognition. In order to increase the said interaction, LG also vowed to add a Vision Pack as seen on the LG Styler which can virtually recognize any piece of clothing and make recommendations accordingly.

LG ThinQ Fit makes use of the 3D cameras to produce an accurate image of its users for producing a close-to-reality avatar for virtual fittings.

Dr. Park said in the discussion, “Evolve, Connect and Open are our standards for a kind of AI which will make life measurably better. It’s not just about improving what we’re doing now, but fundamentally transforming how we live and think.”

Acknowledging the importance of the talk helmed by LG, Heithecker, Messe Berlin Group executive vice president and IFA executive director, said, “We’re fortunate to have LG addressing again one of the most important developments in consumer technology. The IFA audience is incredibly interested in all things AI and it’s important that they understand what’s down the road from one of AI’s strongest advocates.”

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