Free hot spots of T-Mobile: A great chance to test-drive network

T-Mobile offers a Test Drive opportunity to tempt customers to switch over. With a free hot spot, people can try out the network of T-Mobile for almost 30 days. Through these hot spots, people can evaluate the coverage and speeds of T-Mobile on their current devices. T-mobile hotspots are available at Walmart Family Mobile. Moreover, it is possible to get compatible devices from Walmart. Satisfied customers can shop T-Mobile hot spots from this platform.

Click here if you want to learn more about Walmart Family Mobile plans and T-Mobile hotspots. The company is rolling out the free hot spot programs for 30 days. It was limited to Atlanta, Boston, and Austin. Remember, it is a trial run for this countrywide offer.

It is not the first time when T-Mobile offers this program. In 2014, T-Mobile loaned out 5S devices of iPhone. This program was limited to seven days. The latest Test Drive System is longer, and customers can use it without switching their phones. Customers can get a 30GB for free for one month.   

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Test deals come with a fine print. This offer is available for non-T-Mobile clients. It may not include international use, and it is limited to a single trial for each user. Remember, this offer is available for a restricted period.

Basics of T-Mobile new offer

With a simple process, you can be a part of this free network. Sign up online and get a Coolpad Surf Device hotspot in your mail. Use Wi-Fi to connect to the hotspot and use 30GB for almost 30 days. After 30 days, you have to drop this device off at a T-Mobile location.

It uses a Wi-Fi hotspot for a cellular network. The network is convenient than carrying almost two phones. With hotspot, potential customers can evaluate T-Mobile and their service provider without swapping out a SIM card. Users may check out the coverage and test this network during travel or at work.

Specialty of T-Mobile

For the convenience of customers, T-Mobile pushes its 600 MHz LTE band. This differentiator offers double coverage and works four times better in buildings. Remember, lower frequency signals work efficiently at penetrating walls and traveling long distances. These signals can carry data at an affordable cost.

Leading carriers, such as T-Mobile utilize a 700 MHz signal to reach basement dwellers and rural areas. In this situation, 100 MHz can make a difference for users. T-Mobile is one of the best carriers among Verizon and AT&T. With this program, T-Mobile can increase their customers.

Moreover, the merger of T-Mobile with Sprint is another highlight. The Justice Department of the United States has approved this merger deal between Sprint and T-Mobile. After a year in governing limbo, the merger was approved by the last federal agency.

Sprint and T-Mobile announced their merger intentions last April. They wanted to become a viable competitor to Verizon and AT&T. The companies claim that they can decrease prices for customers and quickly deploy 5G (next-generation) networks across the country.

T-Mobile is ready to facilitate its customers with affordable plans and attractive offers. After this free trial offer, they may experience growth in their loyal customer base.

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