Setting up a server is much easier than it used to be. Keeping an eye on performance and maintenance issues, however, can be the difficult part.

When you are expanding infrastructure to include multiple servers, it is imperative to get the right server management tools for proper maintenance.

Picking the right tools

When picking a server management tools, it is important to work out which one aligns most closely with the needs you have. Below, are some things you may want to look for –

  • Only go for utilities you will use. There are a range of packages that may be very tempting, but costly if features are irrelevant
  • Small business owners should look for smaller versions of system packages that can be scaled as your company grows
  • Automation is important. Tools need to be able to carry out routine administration by themselves
  • Creating roles can give management stuff partial access to your system dashboard, allowing you to allocate responsibility
  • Creating rules can give management stuff partial access to your system dashboard. This can be useful it means you do not have to be on deck personally
  • Customizing the dashboard will allow you to get the best metrics for your company needs

The best server management tools

Below are our picks of the best server management tools. Each of these options provides a variety of utilities that should be weighed up accordingly.

Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor

Solarwinds is a popular application that allows for the monitoring of multiple servers. Critical hardware components can be tracked easily. SolarWinds also provide support for custom monitoring and import of custom scripts for a tailored experience.

Paessier PRTG

With a wide range of monitoring tools, including server, cloud and IP tracking, Paessier is a comprehensive monitoring suite that can be used to keep track of all your vital needs. Server monitoring, in particular, can include email, web, and databases, unifying them all in a single control panel.

ManageEngine OpManager

Manage engine specializes in network monitoring, although it also includes capabilities to work with servers. Performing in real-time, OpManager is an ideal solution, whether for physical half cabinets or virtual servers and can measure performance in devices connected to your network.

Nagios XI

Powered using the Nagios engine, this solution allows users to get insight into the performance of servers, applications, and protocols. This enterprise-level software also provides support for hundreds of third-party add-ons, allowing it to keep track of many common applications. It also has a customizable GUI for the most straightforward operation.


Zabbix is a suite of tools that includes server performance and health monitoring. Its open-source package can measure CPU, as well as the utilization of memory, plus more intricate functions such as packet loss and error rate. This set of tools can also track space and remote server monitoring.


Monitis analyses website service networks and various applications for Linux and window deployments. The solution allows users to monitor discs, CPU, and memory as well as health checks of servers. It also provides custom capabilities to assist IT, teams, to create solutions for their needs.

The importance of server monitoring

Although server monitoring is essential for your business, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money in order to get the right server management tools.

Using a combination of network and server monitoring will allow you to have more precision than the latter alone. More so, it is important to try out the solutions in order to find the one that works for you.

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