China conducts first long-distance autonomous robotic surgery using 5G network

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It was predicted that AI will be the new future. While there is no doubt about that, the idea that robots could complete a surgery seemed still far away. However, what seemed like a far future is right here. The team of Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital sought out the help of the latest intelligent medical, sensory interaction technology in China and the 5G network provided by China Unicom and Huawei, and the people of Xixiu District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province.

The hospital laboratory was connected to the interaction center in China through the 5G network, and the minimally invasive surgery with the largest span was completed in China. This appears to be a groundbreaking success. This is the world’s first ultra-long-range autonomous robotic surgery based on 5G network. The success of this surgery will hopefully pave the path for more successful autonomous robotic surgery in the future.

This is one of the examples which shows how far technology has come. The advent of the 5G network showed a lot of promise not only in terms of establishing faster network system for smartphones and computers only but in medical science also it opened up a whole new range of innovation. The operation was based on the 5G network and its promise to deliver ultra-large bandwidth and ultra-low delay.

The remote which is handled by the operating doctor controls the robot to perform soft tissue oriented operation. The near-end robot, on the other hand, accurately reproduces the operating surgeon’s surgical actions and cuts in real-time with minimal delay. Mimicking the surgeon’s movements, the surgery was successfully completed.

Keeping aside the success, there was space for doubts regarding the safety and stability of the surgery. Measures were taken to prevent possible emergencies during the surgery. The first international simulation of intraoperative signal interruption and network attacks and other emergencies during the operation confirmed the safety and reliability of the 5G network.

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