Gamefly, Deliver Us the Moon will release on Nintendo Switch

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‘Deliver Us the Moon’, narrative adventure gameplay, directed and released by Wired Productions will come to Nintendo Switch soon. ‘Deliver Us the Moon’ is based on the current crisis that is threatening the world, climate change.

Gamefly video games are set in an apocalyptic near-future where the resources of the Earth have been drained bone-dry, and to ensure the survival of humanity, the scientists have created the World Space Agency hoping to find an alternate planet where the humanity could survive.

WSA was dedicated to harnessing power sources from the moon but, however, during, one unfortunate and eventful night, all communications with the WSA and energy source was lost.

The player would get the opportunity to play the role of the astronaut who will make his/her journey to the moon, to investigate what had gone wrong there.

As for a companion, a small robot named ASE will accompany the player, and together they will uncover the many buried secrets.

The game focuses on issues which are very real and current foreshadowing the upcoming doom. The players would get to experience the series of events unfolding through the first and third-person play.

Once on the moon after a rocket journey, the players would have to be alert always to survive the many unpredictable accidents bund to take place in space. In order to do that, the players will be provided with state-of-the-art space technology offered by mankind ranging from new-age space-suits to cutting lasers and robot arms.

While ensuring survival in space, the players also need to uncover and solve the problems and puzzles of the past by using various tools and their own wits. The 2-minute long trailer looks very realistic and movie-like, and to accompany the game, Deliver Us the Moon has a three hours long original soundtrack which just makes it more wholesome.

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