Tech major Samsung India unveiled two new apps; Good Vibes and Relumino for deaf, blind, and people with low vision in the country.

Good Vibes and Relúmĭno—that will help provide a strong communication tool the deafblind and enable people with low vision to see better. – Samsung Newsroom

Developed in India, Good Vibes will enable people who cannot see and talk to have two-way communication with their caregivers and loved ones using their smartphones. The new apps are a “Caring for the impossible” initiative that uses Morse code to convert vibrations into text or voice and vice-versa with two different user interfaces.

One interface has an invisible UI for the deafblind, which uses vibrations, taps, and gestures, while the other has a visible UI, a standard chat interface, for the caregiver.

Samsung uses both its innovation and global network to create positive change, responding to people’s needs around the world and helping them to live better lives – Peter Rhee, Corporate Vice President, Samsung India.

Good Vibes have been partnered with Sense India so that the training can be conducted across the country for educators, deafblind individuals along with their caregivers in Delhi and Bengaluru. The app can be downloaded from Samsung Galaxy Store and is also available on Galaxy A20 smartphones.

Whereas, Relumino has partnered with the National Association for the Blind (NAB) Delhi. Samsung will provide training on how to use them and will be available on Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy Note 9.

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