How do you boost brand awareness?

These days, the answer is simple: successful online promotion should do the trick.

How do you achieve a successful online promotion?

Content is the answer. More content and better content!

When you try to promote a business, you’re sharing its message with the target audience. This requires social media activity, which is not limited to visuals. Their descriptions matter, too. Then there’s blogging. It’s a source of great information for your audience, and more traffic to your website for you.

You cannot escape from developing content. Maybe it’s time to start wondering: should you invest in writing companies? That might be a good idea.

Why do brands benefit from a freelance writing business?

1. Not every business owner is a good writer

Yes; you know your industry. You researched a lot before starting your business, and you’re learning even more as you go. 

But are you a talented writer?

Can you express all that knowledge in a way that’s captivating for a large audience?

Many business owners have a problem with that. They are okay with small business writing in terms of the occasional email correspondence with partners and employees. But if they have to write a long-form piece that’s supposed to boost traffic at their site, they don’t know where to start. They have no idea how search engine optimization works. They don’t know how to engage an audience with a bad attention span. Maybe they are non-native English speakers who also have troubles with grammar and syntax. 

Your investment in education doesn’t necessarily give you the writing skills you need for online reputation. So you do what every other business owner does: hire someone who complements your skillset and helps you achieve a goal.

2. Even if you are a great writer, you don’t have time for content marketing

How busy is your schedule as a business owner?

Maybe you can find time for the occasional monthly post. That’s great; you can feature that one in the email newsletter. But what happens in between two such posts? Your audience expects more. If you don’t deliver content frequently, you’ll fail to bring more visitors to your website. 

Short and infrequent posts aren’t the best choice for a successful content marketing campaign. The search engine usually recommends in-depth articles with a lot of detail. That’s how Google users find all the info they need from a single page. When EduBirdie writes your essay, you’ll get that detail. Professional writers can deliver white papers, in-depth articles, case studies, and research projects that you can share at your site. You can offer them as free downloads, so you’ll convert visitors into subscribers.

Freelance writing is cheaper than hiring an in-house writer

So you can’t write or you don’t have time for regular posts. Why can’t you get someone from your team to do it? They are already busy with the tasks you hired them to do. You can’t add this additional burden. Then why don’t you hire someone who will write content for your business? You’ll do that, but you’ll team up with a remote worker.

Let’s see why that’s better:

  • An in-house writer requires a fixed monthly payment plus benefits. 
  • A freelance writer only works when you need the content. You only pay them when they write something. You only pay for the things they write. 

Even if you need several guests posts per day for an aggressive content marketing campaign, it’s still smarter to hire remote writers. You can hire an expert for each topic. Let’s say you have a real estate business and you want to discuss the legal aspects of buying a house when married. You can get specialized law essay help in the UK for such a topic. If you want a post about saving money for housing, you’ll hire an economist from the same service. A single in-house writer can’t handle all the topics that you throw at them.

Freelancers are cheaper, but more effective, too. 

It’s an investment that gives value

When you’re about to invest money in something, you do it only if that investment brings value for your business. If you invest $1K per month in content for your business, how much more traffic will that content get for you? How many of those visitors will convert? How will the brand awareness grow? How much money will you earn thanks to this campaign?

Essentially, it boils down to finances. 

A well-planned content marketing campaign results with greater brand awareness, more conversions, and more sales. So if you invest in digital marketing, you better make it good. That involves hiring talented writers who help you get noticed.