Google Home speakers are getting even smarter as the company plans to add the ability for the digital speakers to make calls. As reports suggest, Google Home speakers can now be used to make calls via your internet connection, with or without your phone hooked up to them.

Earlier users were only able to place calls from their smart speakers using the built-in VoIP functionality, but now it is available using mobile service too. This service allows you to register your mobile number with your Google Home device, allowing you to make calls via the Telstra mobile network without the need for a phone.

Users will be able to link up to six mobile numbers to their Google Home and sync contacts for seamless calling using the speaker. To distinguish between which users are making the call request, you’ll need to set up Google’s Voice Match.

To make calls, users need to say “Hey Google, call” followed by the name of the contact, the name of a business, or a phone number. According to Telstra, calls are at no additional cost to your existing mobile plan, but “data charges may apply.”

Now, the function is available only through an Australian mobile provider. However, it is not yet confirmed the availability across the globe.