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Google Map’s incognito mode is reportedly now in testing

Sep 19, 2019, 10:06 am

Back in May, Google announced at the Google IO 2019 keynote an incognito mode for Google Maps. Reports suggest that now Google is testing its Maps Incognito mode among members of its Maps Preview group.

Available from September 19, 2019, the incognito mode test is included in Preview Maps’ latest 10.26 update. With this, users can hide their search queries and real-time tracked location from being recorded onto their Google accounts.

In the test, the incognito mode may be switched on via the app’s settings, at which point Google Maps will stop sharing your location, updating your location history, saving your browsing history or using your personal data to personalize your Maps searches.

It’s worth noting that the beta feature is also working on the Android Auto version of the Google Maps app. The feature can be accessed by tapping your profile picture in the app and then selecting ‘Turn on Incognito mode.’ It is unknown when Google Maps incognito mode will be made available to everyone.

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