Terminator arrives on PS4 and Xbox One and this is the trailer

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The long-running science-fiction franchise Terminator is about to return to theaters with a new installment starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it will also be returning to the arena of video games so that no one is missing the shots, the action and the fighting against the machines.

Publisher Reef Entertainment and developer Teyon announced, entirely out of nowhere, that they are working on Terminator: Resistance , a new first-person game located in the future, specifically in 2028 , that is, 31 years after Judgment Day ( the worldwide catastrophic event around which the entire franchise revolves), and one before the futuristic events that are seen in the classic tapes of the saga.

The trailer shows that the protagonist is named Jacob Rivers and that is the new objective of Skynet. A woman rescues him and invites him to be part of the Resistance.

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Hence what follows are sequenced with dialogues and action, from which sounds identical to those of Terminator and Terminator 2 and combat scenes against T-800 units stand out.

Now, the trailer may look promising, but we can not leave this text without remembering that Reef Entertainment and Teyon is the same pair that brought the world Rambo: The Video Game, released in 2014 and considered one of the worst video games of all history.

In addition, the proximity of the announcement of the game with its release date only makes us suspect that it will be another fiasco like Rambo’s – interestingly, another long saga that also premieres delivery in 2019.

We will have to fight against a selection of the enemies of the movies, from the T-800 to completely new ones, through the HK-Tank or the mythical Hunter Killer. We must equip ourselves with an arsenal of plasma weapons, hack devices and try to use the scrap metal we find to create better mills, trade or manufacture.

And if this negative scenario is fulfilled, then once again we will have a Terminator game that does not do justice to the absolute legacy of the first two installments of the film saga. Terminator: Resistance will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on November 19.

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