Microsoft releases Windows 10 20H1 update for 800M users

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Varun Kesari
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The latest Windows 10 patches have not been released precisely as the most stable. But rather the opposite. Since their arrival, two weeks ago, users have done nothing but report all kinds of failures and problems.

The most relevant have been CPU usage errors and failures when using the desktop search tool. After a long wait, it finally seems that Microsoft has located the cause of these problems, and they are finally solved.

This same weekend, Microsoft marked “corrected” two of the most important failures of the last update of the operating system. Specifically, the two errors that have already been corrected are, on the one hand, excessive CPU usage when using Cortana, and on the other the problems with the Windows 10 search tool.

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It seems that Microsoft has also solved the problems with the Chinese IME language that were also generating very high CPU usage. These corrections should reach users with the next cumulative updates, patches not related to security that will surely reach users this week.

However, it seems that Microsoft has made a bit of “cheating” by marking these errors and problems as “fixed.”

The Windows 10 search bug is “fixed” because Microsoft does not believe there are affected users

While the error with the Chinese characters IME has been corrected, it seems that the other bugs reported by users in the operating system directly have been ignored. And it is that Microsoft has simply been marked as “solved” by not considering that they significantly affect users.

Microsoft says it has studied the bugs reported by users in recent weeks but has not been able to reproduce bugs related to the search and the Windows 10 start menu.

Although it will continue to monitor possible failures related to these two elements, for the company these errors do not exist, and therefore it has marked them as corrected despite not having made changes to the code.

Microsoft invites users to experience these problems to send a comment to the company (using the Windows + F keyboard shortcut ) so that they can know in more detail what is causing these problems. In addition, it is recommended to use the Windows 10 troubleshooter to try to repair these failures in case they are experienced.

September patches have been controversial, especially taking 19H2 around the corner

Since the launch of Windows 10, May 2019 Update users were happy with the updates. Removing some isolated cases, users were not having problems installing the latest operating system updates.

However, with the arrival of the KB4515384 update two weeks ago, the thing has been out of control. This update has reached users with a large number of bugs and problems, both Windows and third-party applications. Although Microsoft said it would solve them soon, these problems seem to remain present among users.

Although surely with the next security patches all these problems are solved, users begin to take fear towards the next update of Windows 10. In the next few days, we should receive the update to Windows 10 19H2, an update that shouldn’t cause problems.

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