At the 5G product launch conference held on September 24, Xiaomi announced its work kit and MIUI11 system with a new dark mode in China.

The new Mi work kit will enable users with mutual transmission, file management, all-around projection, wireless printing. The work suite features high-speed file transfer with mutual communication alliance among Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo.

It has a maximum transmission rate measured by MIUI Lab is up to 82MB/s with WPS to create new file management, document thumbnail view which is simple and efficient. It does not need to install third-party applications, click to view multiple formats of documents and provide customized features.

Additionally, Xiaomi has also announced MIUI11 system with new dark mode along with new customized small Milan Pavilion Font Pro and Western font. The new Mi system focuses on touch, and the touch experience of each control is very comfortable. Besides, the MIUI11 system is very limited, so as to avoid interference from other color blocks.

However, the new Little Milan Pavilion font Pro will come with different levels of emphasis depending on the content with additional support to customized functions such as screen-out signature, AOD display, breath light effect, and blackout clock.

Further details regarding the products are yet to be known.